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The Love Connection
Cindy and Ray


On-Line Known as

ciNDyBabe and moNDoDude

This page was created August 4th, 1998
Last Updated October 20th, 2000

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Ray (moNDoDude) is an old friend from WCool Chat. He would drop in from time to time and was always nice to everyone even though he seemed rather quiet, maybe even a little shy. He stopped coming to the Chatroom after while and then one day he sent me a message over ICQ saying he had found the Love of his life. After that from time to time he'd send me a message just to say hello and to say how happy and how much in Love he was with Cindy. One day the message said they were getting married, even invited me to the wedding. They had joined a super group of Chatters at the Coconut Grove Chatroom in Tropical Island, and the group was having a NetMeeting in Minnesota, well Cindy and Ray decided it was the right time and started making plans that would include their OnLine Family. I've only visited with Cindy a few times, but from everything Ray has said and from the few visits she and I have had, she is a wonderful, caring person.


Cindy and Ray

Married Saturday evening,
August 1st,1998
in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota


I Love You More Than

It is impossible to capture in words the feelings I have for you. They are the strongest feelings that I have ever had about anything.

Yet when I try to tell you them or try to write them to you the words do not even begin to touch the depths of my feelings.

And though I cannot explain the essence of these phenomenal feelings, I can tell you what I feel like when I am with you.

When I am with you it is as if I were a bird flying freely in the clear blue sky.

When I am with you it is as if I were a flower opening up my petals of life.

When I am with you it is as if I were the waves of the ocean crashing strongly against the shore.

When I am with you it is as if I were the rainbow after the storm proudly showing my colors.

When I am with you it is as if everything that is beautiful surrounds us.

This is just a very small part of how wonderful I feel when I am with you.

Maybe the word "love" was invented to explain the deep, all-encompassing feelings that I have for you but somehow it is not strong enough.

But since it is the best word that there is let me tell you a thousand times I love you more than "love"

by Susan Polis Schutz
and found at

Blue Mountain Arts Cards


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