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My mIRC Chatroom


I want to say Thank You to
Jon aka Desperado and Tammy aka fmy
for helping me set this web page up.


This is an introduction page to my mIRC Chatroom and is mainly for those that are not familiar with this kind of Chatroom. There are two ways to get to the Channel, one is from your browser by following the link below and the other is to download the mIRC program to your harddrive.


When you enter using your browser window, there will be some limits as to what you can do but it is still a pretty cool way to chat. You will enter as a guest with a number (Guest12345), but you can quickly change it to your own NICK by just typing /nick (space) and (your nickname)..example: /nick QT ).
If someone has already registered with the same nick you can add a number to the end of it or make it just a little different. No passwords are required to enter the room.


The best way, is to download the mIRC program. There's a lot to do to set up mIRC on your pc, but it's worth it. In this chatroom you can change your colors, play midi's or wav files, make popups with cute pictures or phrases, and lots more. Also there are several servers besides the one #QTs_Place is located at, where you can go to meet old friends or make new ones. Plus there's all kinds of help channels you can go to get help in setting things up.

Just go to the Mirc Homepage and download the latest version. Then after you have it installed, click the IRC Servers Tab in the Setup Box, then add the following:

(case sensitive)

Decriptions: QT's Place

IRC Servers:

Port: 6667

both Group and Password are left blank.

Then Click add. Then connect to the server and type
/join #QTs_Place

There are OPS in the Channel that can help if you should have any problems. You will know who they are by the @ placed in front of their names. Room Ops besides QT, are Jon, DJ, Ghoster, Big_Al, Munger, Burn, Carl, MsCrystal aka Crys, and Spunky. @Dusty is the Channel Guard Bot but I promise he don't bite as long as you're nice. Just give him a bone to naw on or rub his belly and he's a happy little camper. He's there to keep the channel open at all times so it's easy to find.


Other friend's with Channel on the same server include:

Jacques aka Cabot in #LEICABOTS
Burn aka Acidburn in #WCooLReunion
Jon in #HOLD_OUT and #sterling_genealogy


This Border Set can be found at

Web Graphics by Rita


Copyright 1997, 1998, 1999 QT's Place