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Reunion Center Newsletter

This page created January 19th, 1999

The 1st WCool Reunion in 1999 was held the second weekend in January and was hosted by none other than Burn aka Acidburn aka AB. Even though most were not familiar with the style of chatroom, they quickly adapted and seemed to have enjoyed themselves.

Unfortunately on Sunday afternoon the mIRC server went down, but Tasha, Sugar, and VictoriasSecret quickly contacted people and the Reunion was moved to a parachat room. I later found out the reason the server went down was because of the deadly tornado that hit Jackson, Tennessee.

I would like to THANK Burn for all the hard work he has done in creating an awesome web site, which includes pictures, voices, and homepage addresses for many of the Chatters from WCool, as a way to keep in touch. If you don't have it bookmarked click below to go there.

Burn's WCool Reunion Center


Below is a list of those attending this Reunion.
If I left anyone off, please let me know.

2c, 6pack,

AGuy, Alliy, Alvin, Aman, Ann,
Aragon, ariadne, Ashlyn

bambi,BattyGirl, Beetle,
Birdie, BigAl, Brandon, Burn

ChinaCat, Clive, Contessa,
CountryAngel, Cwolf, CyberianKnight

DAMM, Danni, DannyW, DC,
DotCom, Draco

Ellie, ET

FarmerBoy, fidget,
Foghorn_1980, FuzzyFurby

Ghoster, Gloria, GoldieLocks

hi, Huckfinn

janie, JimmyD, Jon, Jerry, Juliette

Kayla, kg, Kombi

LadyE, LadyGwenivere, Laila, Landa,
leo, Leslie, LoisLane, lonewolf,
LongCoolWoman, LOTN

Male, MaximumBob, mike33/mike34,
MikeG, MJ, MrsThang, MsCrys,
MsCrystal, moNDo, Munger

ok, OuttaControl

Papillon, peaches, Pebbs, Peg,
Phyllis, PoetryInMotion, Poohbear,
Pookie, poop

Rachel, RaptorV, RayN, ross, rececca, Red,
Redstone, ReunionYaddaYadda

Sammy, Sean, sexyjanet, skytiger,
slyfox, SnowWhite, SnoWyte, sofa,
SpoiledBrat, Spunky, Stallion, Sucker,
Sugar, suzieq, sweetie, Swiftdriver


Vampi, vasindig, Verdammen, VictoriasSecret

WasherWoman, wcool, WickedWillie,
Wildcat, wildkitten, Wildman,
WingsFan, winnie

zifnab, zimmy, zinnman, Zona

and me, QT

Special Note....this may not be a accurate list as I was not there the entire time, so if you find any mistakes please let me know so I can correct them.

The turn out was fairly good but many of the "Old Timers" were missed.
911, ashlee, BBrandy, Belgarion, billyk, Breezy, Corndog, Cowboy, Dingo, Dorie, Drake, Fantasy, Forever, GG, giant, Gonad, GottaDance, IceMan, IronMan, Jacques, Jasmine, Jazmine, KaCee, Kodiak, lilbob, MrChevy, muncher, PACO, RAGE, Raider, recon, Ready, Romantic, Rumble, Scapegoat, SILO, Tazzy, Waterbaby, and WallyJ just to name a few.


Even though I didn't host this Reunion I have decided a few awards should be given out. If I was creative enough each person that attended would get one. Here are a few I did come up with, just goes to show if you beg enough you can get an award!!


The Sickiest Puppy Award

Presented because you whined the most!
and had fun doing it, I might add, even
though you were sick. Hope you're better!!
Sorry no Award for being 4th or for
Finally Finding the Reunion Room,
would have had to given too many out.


2c and Verdammen
The Most Nickname's Award

Presented because you all changed your
nicks so much it confussed people.
Too funny!!!


Ashlyn and Swiftdriver
The Tried Hardest Award

Presented because you both worked so
hard to get mIRC downloaded so you
could play the popups and sounds.
If you still need help just holler!!


Tasha and Jon aka TIMBER_WOLF
The Lack of Sleep Award

Presented because you two spent more
time at the Reunion than anyone!! Not
to mention how you make everyone feel
so welcome.


The BRB Host Award

Presented because everytime we turned
around you were gone. Maybe some time
after all the hard work you do putting
one of these on, you'll be able to spend
more time there!!! Thanks again Burn for
making it all possible.


Dorie and CoastalEddie
The Bad Timing Award

Presented because you all dropped by when no
one else could be there. Just wish you had
been able to drop by again when some of us
where there. Be sure to Bookmark the site
as I'm sure there'll be another. Even now
the room is there, and I too have one, so just
drop in and maybe you'll catch someone there..


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