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My Chatrooms

This page was last updated August 23rd, 1999.


I set these Chatrooms up just to have a kinda of private place to visit with Family or Friends. I have 3 rooms, which are rarely used, except for the mIRC Channel.

The Parachat Room was the first one I set up. And has been used to meet on-line with members of a Fantasy Football League I belong to. It is probably the easier to get to and use. It has it's own Mascot as you will notice when you bring the page up.


Next a friend from the mIRC Server I had been going to, set up a Chatroom on January 13th, 1999 for me called QTs_Place. Click on the link to find out the ways you to the room.


Then the last Chatroom is probably the coolest as it is a Voice Chat Room and was added July 26th, 1999. Click the link below to find the room. You will have to have a mic on your pc to be able to talk of course, but if you don't you can just type. But be sure your speakers are working so you can hear others.

If you don't have mplayer, click
the button below to download it


There is also a Chatroom set up by Burn aka Acidburn on mplayer called WCoolReunion and as a rule there's always someone around, especially on the weekends or in the evenings. It's really cool to hear peoples voices from around the world.

Several WcoolChatters have joined mplayer but their nicks are a little different as it was already in use on the mplayer program. Below is a list of the ones I have on my Buddy List. You will notice, some have more than one. More will be added from time to time, so check back. Be sure to type them just as they are listed below when adding them to your Buddy List.

WCoolChat aka on Mplayer
6pack 6pack33
911 classic911
Ace ACE_024
Alvin Alvin135
bambers bambers2u
Breezy Essence_Aces
Breezy NaughtyNNice
Buffy Buffy427
Burn BurninLuv
cinda cindababy
cinda cinnBaby
cwolf Cwolf.233
CyberianKnight CyberianKnight
Dingo greg_dingo
Dorie Dorie99
ellie Ellie46
ForEver MichelleFE
Fox Fox929
Ghoster ghoster1
hayla hayla
HDrider HD-rider
Jet jet273
Jovi Jovi33
Juliett Juliett70
kg kg1010
Kodiak BCKodiak
Laila Lailalala
Male IBMale
PlainJane PlainJane
PoohBear JanisT
Rachel Rachel455
Regina Regina_79
RoadDogg JerichoisRaw
RoadDogg CravingMoreHead1
Scape KingVampyre
Scarlett Scarlett80
slyfox SlyFox26
Sugar Sugar43
Tasha TashaRose
Tasha TashaaRose
tessa tessas29
Trish trish13
WallyJ StrawberryWine26
Zona Zonaaa


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