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The Love Connection


This page was created August 4th, 1998
and was last Updated May 1st, 2000
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It all started with a chance meeting in a Chat Room on the Internet........

Real people, in different states, some even worlds apart. They meet, they talk, they fall in love and after a while they meet for the first time. Not knowing what to expect, maybe a little scared, only to discover they are in Love.

Being a romantic at heart and wanting nothing more in life than to be loved by a special someone, just like everyone else, I decided to make this site for some on-line friends who have found find that perfect someone on the internet.

Also for a very special person I have talked with since the last of Febuary 1997 when I entered a chatroom called Wicked Cool Chat. We just seemed to hit it off as friends, just wanting someone to talk to and to laugh with. Then we only visited once in a while, sharings our feelings, our cares, our flustrations and our lives. Over the months we have grown closer and visiting almost daily, sometimes more than once. Chances are we'll never met as he is half way around the world but I cherish every minute I'm with him on-line. To him, I want to say thank you Love, for sharing your life, and your time with me. For understanding me, sometimes better than I understand myself even. But most of all for just being who you are.

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Click of the names below to read about some of
the Special People who met on and fell in love.

ciNDyBabe and moNDoDude
Cindy and Ray
added August 4th, 1998


Birdie and Male
Robin and Alan
added November 10th, 1998


honey and BigFoot
Kim and Ken
added February 2nd, 1999


Here is a very Special Page I found one day while
surfing the net. It's so sad, but I think you'll
understand why I included the link. It was created
for some very Special Friends by Shari.

An Internet Love Story
Heaven On-Line
Added May 1st, 2000


Check back as more will be added.


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